Celebrating the life of someone special

Our stunning designs, whether a custom made design to meet your specifications, or chosen from our pre-designed catalogue range that is ready-to-order, really speak to the interests, passions and character of the person being farewelled. We also offer a DIY coffin in white, suitable for you and the family to decorate it yourselves.

The current range and coffin design options

You can view a selection of custom coffins we have previously designed, our current catalogue, as well as learn more about the ordering process and LifeArt portraits via the links below.

Supply your own photos

Custom Designs - Supply Your Own Photos

We invite you to supply your own photographs, poems, paintings and messages, as well as selecting colours.

Ready to order

Catalogue Coffins - Ready To Order

View our current catalogue of LifeArt pre-designed coffins, covering a wide range of categories such as Nature, Timber, Patriot, Passions, Sport, NRL and Little Ones.

Paint or decorate it yourself

Paint or Decorate It Yourself

We invite family and friends to decorate-it-yourself by painting, pasting a collage of photos and memories.