• Celebrate a life with personal and expressive designs on a bespoke LifeArt coffin, choose a coffin from our existing catalogue range, or opt for a DIY white coffin to paint and decorate yourself
  • LifeArt coffins are manufactured from material which is made up from up to 97% recycled fibres recovered from recycled cardboard and sugar cane waste
  • LifeArt coffins are individually handcrafted
  • All LifeArt coffins are suitable for burial or cremation

LifeArt coffins are available in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Learn more about LifeArt in the About Us section.

How to order a LifeArt coffin

You will need to order your LifeArt coffin or portrait from a LifeArt supplier, or your funeral director can assist you with your order. When you have decided on whether to get a custom designed coffin, a coffin from our catalogue range, or a DIY coffin as well as if you will be wanting one or several LifeArt portraits, you can contact your nearest supplier to get started on your order.

Find your nearest LifeArt supplier.